The Little Things

Today was kind of rough in the substitute arena area today. The kids I had weren't horrible by any means and they weren't mean. It was just one of those days when there were lots of little leaders and not enough followers, always worrying about what another child wasn't doing right while they themselves weren't doing it correctly either.  Physically it wasn't a bad day, but mentally it was pretty tough trying to keep them all in check. Thankfully I found leggings at Wal-Mart to wear under my jeans next week in New York. I keep telling myself 'layers'. This southern girl isn't used to cold weather.

But why the title "little things"? Well I get home and check my e-mail and I have notification for some comments on yesterday's blog post. I'm always, always happy to get comments and I do my best to either respond back to the poster by e-mail if it's left or by commenting on their blog. But today there was a comment from someone new. Not that I appreciate my regular commenters any less, but when I clicked on this new person's site I was blown away. 

The commenter was Brad Ruggles. I think I've seen him mentioned on Without Wax, but my brain is a bit fuzzy on that so I'm not positive, but I digress. Brad has some seriously good design skills. Anyway, him posting a comment on my little blog was one of those little things that brightened my day.  Thanks Brad. And seriously go to his blog and check out his portfolio.  

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