The View Through My Window: My Special Place


I sit at my piano, playing the same song I always go back to when a new one frustrates me. The piano next to a window looking out to my porch.

Two hummingbirds fighting over nectar as if there aren’t 4 feeding slots. They will remain only a few weeks longer then begin their winter journey south. As the days of summer begin to wane my favorite Japanese maple tree slowly changing to deeper hues. Acorns drop, crashing to the drive with sudden thuds.

Morning sunrises through this window inspire me. The glow of afternoon sun reflecting off the clouds pause me amidst the busy-ness of life. A life outside this window calls to me.

Outside this window awaits my special place. My white rocking chair beckoning my return. With begonias at my feet I rock.

This is my place. My place to read. My place to write. My place to process all life throws me. My place to pray. My place to be still and listen to what God is teaching me through it all.

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