The Nutcrackers

Every Christmas Sam cannot wait to get out all his nutcrackers. Joy fills his face as he pulls out each one and places it on the hearth. My husband’s aunt and uncle started giving Sam and all our nephews nutcrackers for Christmas and they give our nieces snowglobes. Sam isn’t old enough to understand why they give him Nutcrackers yet, but one day he’ll understand and appreciate it I hope. They lost their children in a car accident just a little over a year before Sam was born. Their son collected Nutcrackers and their daughter collected snowglobes. So now they give each of the boys Nutcrackers and the girls snowglobes. It’s a tradition all the children look forward to each year: getting their gift from them each Christmas.

Sam has received many more Nutcrackers as well since he is so fascinated with them. I know he’ll always remember the Nutcrackers at Christmas and one day he’ll understand why his Nutcracker collection was started.

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