The Violin

I made this scrapbook page last Sunday. I tried the floral masking with the Heidi Swapp mask and so fun to try something new.

Journaling reads:   

To some this may just look like an old violin. And in many ways it is an old violin, but it is much more than just an old violin. You see, it once belonged to my Pawpa. He called it his fiddle.He was an extremely gifted musician; the kind that can just pick up an instrument and instinctively know what to do. I’m sure I have him to thank for my love of music. I remember sitting with him at his old piano playing for him after I’d had my lesson. When he died my dad got the violin and it stayed up on a shelf needing repair. My parents had it repaired and gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. It now sits in my curio cabinet always reminding me of where my love of music came from. I’m sure I could have been a better musician, but I learned enough to truly appreciate the God given talent of someone like my grandfather. To me this fiddle will always be more than an old violin. And maybe one day I’ll learn to play it.

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