Theology with a 6 Year Old

Sometimes I’m baffled at the questions my son asks. Like today for example we are driving to his grandparents’ after school and out of the blue he asks ‘what day was that man made?’. So I ask him what man? Adam? “Yes, which day did God make him on?” Of course I’m a little dusty when it comes to the exact days God created everything. So I tell him we’ll look it up when we get home. And he seems content with that answer for the moment.

Just before he’s going to bed he brings me his bible and says “don’t you need this?” So I look it up and tell him that on the 6th day God created Adam. And he says “Friday”. Now you have to remember that I’ve been with Kindergarteners most of the day so my brain is a little tired. I tell him, well, the 6th day would be Saturday because God rested on Sunday. On a little side note, my son is strong willed and seems to enjoy a good arguement. He proceeds to tell me that Friday is the 6th day. I was trying to figure out how to explain all this to a 6 year old and I decide to call someone who has had more experience explaining this type of thing to children and call my own mother. She proceeds to remind me (remember the tired brain)that in the Old Testament Saturday was the Sabbath (the day God rested) which was the first day of the week so yes my 6 year old is right. Adam was created on Friday.

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