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This image might haunt me. In Birmingham after seeing my sister and on my way to the Alabama Bloggers meet up for lunch. Turning back onto Hwy 280, I see him standing there. I wondered what I should do. Alone I didn’t feel safe rolling down my window and giving him money. But something made me wonder. Something almost made me stop, back traffic up for a moment and hand him a twenty dollar bill.

I didn’t. I snapped this photo instead. I didn’t want to forget.

I wonder what story he has to tell. What circumstances brought him so low he cared less about his pride than the embarassment of standing on the side of the road on a cold day asking for help. What gifts could he bring to someone’s day? Did he have family? What branch of military? Would he make his way to one of the shelters that night? Would someone stop to help? We all have a story. Suddenly I wanted to know his.

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