Tiny Blooms

Tiny Bloom
I forget the name of the flower. Mums maybe. An autumn favorite. Potted in the fall along side the front steps. Bringing bright colors to my porch. Winter wilted away the blooms. Stems stiffening to brown.

I’m apt to forget about the flowers that bring color to my porch during the winter. I like winter, but as cold natured as I am I don’t spend the hours out there that I do during spring and fall.

As our winter that forgot it was winter meshed into spring I find myself enjoying my porch again. Book in hand, smelling gardenia’s fragrance enjoying the days before summer humidity sets in. The dead mums being the only plants still there. Other pots empty and waiting for new life.

How often are we surprised by the blooms of a plant we once thought dead?

Sometimes, though, God nudges us to throw away the plant asking us to give up the hope we have leaving the blooms for someone else to see.

But that’s a story for another day. So today I will be thankful for blooms on a plant I once thought dead.

Continuing to Count the Gifts
948. For an afternoon of writing. (4.29.12)
949. For focus. (5.1.12)
950. For Stacy’s phone call & catching up. (5.1.12)
951. For Stacey texting me sky & sunset photos. (5.3.12)
952. For the glimpse of a blue jay and a cardinal. (5.5.12)
953. For blooms on flowers long thought dead. (5.6.12)

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