Today I woke before my alarm. I blame this on age.

Today I spent the morning staring at a computer screen. It was all for a good reason. I’m not complaining.

Today the birds were singing and the sky was beautiful and blue.

Today kiddo plugged his phone into the car radio adaptor and played Save Me San Francisco. It was either because he knows how much I love SF & how that song reminds me of it or because he wanted his video game back. Let’s go with the first. He then did play several Chris Tomlin songs so my kiddo is awesome.

Today we were home before 4 pm. Golf practice is over. And this mom ready for a break from 12 hour days sings Hallelujah.

Today I mixed up more homemade shampoo and ‘dry’ shampoo. Over 18 months after going to homemade shampoo I still love my homemade shampoo better than regular shampoo.

Today I used essential oils to keep my husband’s hand from swelling up and avoided the need for Benadryl after a yellow jacket sting.

Today I got dinner on the table. Okay so the chicken was a rotisserie from Publix, but that pasta and beans didn’t fix themselves.

How was your day?

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