I've come to enjoy foggy mornings.
Today I am wondering:

Why the city needed to tar and gravel our road.

Why some churches are so afraid to work with other churches.

Why it is so hard for me to get up before the sun rises.

Why words always seem to strike while I am driving. (Note to self: Put Siri to better use.)

How boys can get so dirty.

Why someone isn’t responding to me.

Right now:

It is the perfect fall morning outside. Upper fifties with an amazing October blue sky coming through.

I think the perfect candy corn to peanut ratio is one to one (at least for me.)

I am out of candy corn, but have plenty of peanuts.

I am reading Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner.

I don’t feel like writing but am forcing myself. I need to be more disciplined with it. Even if it is a list like this, at least I am writing something.

I have so much to do but all I want to do is paint.

I sense God revealing my One Word 365 for 2013.

I’m itching to travel and explore a new place.

Today I am thankful:

For cool fall mornings.

For sleeping with open windows.

For a husband who honors his parents and serves them well.

For carpool making the commute to school easier.

For something that’s “about the size of a lime.”

For beautiful morning skies.

For a child who makes courageous choices.

For autumn light.

For fall flowers.

For goldenrod.

For hummingbirds.

For beauty on a foggy morning.

For friends who see, believe in, and encourage my gifts.

For stepping in faith and provision.

For an organization that wants to make a difference.