It finally happened. His top tooth finally was loose  enough for him to pull it out. Do you know how thankful I am that he doesn’t mind pulling his own teeth out? Seriously, DH and I have queasy stomachs when it comes to blood. I’ve been able to handle skinned knees, but I’m so very grateful that he will pull his own loose teeth out. So this makes number 3. The first two on the bottom he pulled out himself also. He has another one on bottom loose, too. The permanent one is coming in through the gum behind it. You can see it a little in the photo. The first two on the bottom did the same thing. Talk about freaking a mother out, but the dentist reassured me that it happens to about half of children. Phew!

After he pulled this one out he looked at it and said “That’s an awful big space left for a tooth.”  Guess the tooth fairy will be coming tonight.A few mornings ago on the way to school he says completely out of the blue “I sure hope the tooth fairy can fly.” So I ask him why to which he replies “Well, she’s too little to climb up stairs.” I’m assuming he means our front porch steps since we do not have any stairs in our house. I just hope the tooth fairy has some cash on hand.

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