Traveling Encounters – V. 1

Our flight to New York was pretty much uneventful except for a couple of experiences along the way.  Of course I'm going to share them here. Beware, though. It may get wordy, but I hope you will get a laugh out of it as I did. I've learned over the past several years that you can decide to either cry about the situation or laugh. So keep reading and laugh along with me. Oh and you'll have to wait until the end to see one  (or two ) of the photos from today.

First let me back up to the beginning. I hate flying.  For some reason God decided to bless me with more than my fair share of motion sickness. It doesn't take much to make me motion sick when my feet are on the ground much less on a plane. But I brave it in order to travel once in a blue moon. I did take some Bonine before we left, but I missed the direction that said it was chewable and instead I swallowed it. I did feel pretty naucious on the first two legs of our flight, but managed not to get sick.

Once we landed in Greensboro, NC for a layover I just wanted to sit for a bit.  My sister walked down a bit to see what was in the airport since we had 90 to minutes to burn. She came back and said there was a Dunkin Donuts with a Pizza Hut express in the same area.

While we're sitting there an employee of the airport brings an older lady in a wheel chair up to the waiting area where we are. She then asks the guy to go back and get her a coffee and muffin. (Not sure why she didn't just ask to stop on the way, but…) So he comes back with her muffin and coffee and gives it to her then goes along his way. Now I don't want this next part to sound mean hearted at all, but please remember that I was very naucious after getting off the plane. She starts eating her muffin and slurping her coffee. Suddenly she starts choking on the muffin and starts coughing this horrible, smoked for years, sounding cough. Seriously I'm not trying to be mean, but it was not what my unsettled stomach needed to hear. It almost put me over the edge. If she had been truly choking and needed the heimlech my sister or I would have helped, but it wasn't to that point.  I wasn't looking fearing losing all the groceries I had consumed in the past 24 hours, but my sister said it wasn't a pretty site. I'll spare you all the gorey details. Thankfully the woman was okay and once we knew all was well we decided to do a bit of walking around.

This type of experience would have once left me frustrated, but I've learned to just laugh things off. And in my head I was thinking, "at least I have something to blog about."

Check back tomorrow for the next installment.  And since I can't post without a photo here are a couple from today that I edited. I have so many more to share though. 🙂

This first one is from Rockefeller Center. I love how I caught the flag blowing and how the building in the background reflects the Rockefeller Building.


This last one is of the T-Rex at the American Museum of Natural History. I mean I had to go to it after how much we loved the movie "Night at the Museum." Learned some interesting facts while there. You could spend 2 days exploring this museum. So many dioramas and things to read. I'm too ADD to have read all of it, but I really enjoyed visiting it. I'll have to share more later.  We're off to eat at Bobby Flay's Bar American restaurant.


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