Unkept House: Life Unmasked

Can I tell you something? A small and not so serious bit of my life unmasked?

My house never seems to be in order. There are piles of papers from school on the kitchen counter. There may or may not be dirty dishes from the night before in the sink.

There may or may not be dirty clothes in the bathroom floor. In my defense they are my son’s and not mine. He is always running late to school (the child is not a morning person) so I did not have time to remind him to pick them up. But I’m not his maid. How else will he learn to tidy up after himself?

You probably could have written your name in the dust on some of the furniture except my son was grounded and kept complaining that he was bored so I made him dust the furniture two weeks ago. He has certain chores that are his, but dusting isn’t one of them. Maybe I should ground him more often.

The floor needs sweeping and vacuuming and mopping. I hate to vacuum. I hate any household chore for that matter. I would love a house elf. You know like Dobby in Harry Potter. I would treat him well I promise.

So there is my bit of life unmasked for this week. I hate household chores. If I were the perfect wife and mother my house would always be spotless and everything perfectly in place. But I’m not perfect. I tried that for a while and honestly? Being perfect is overrated. Not to mention exhausting. So I’ll choose a house that is lived in instead of perfectly kept.

And with that being said, I’m going to clean my house. Because there does come a point where it will push me over the edge. And well….it’s at that point.

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