DS and I are back home visiting my parents. Had to come up to have my van serviced at the dealership and he’s been able to spend time swimming with his Pop.

Caught this beautiful sky as I was leaving to go to the dealership yesterday morning. Luckily I saw it just down the road from my parents’ and turned around and came back and retrieved my camera. I do love these foothills where I grew up.

Dragged DS down to my uncle’s farm to try and get some photos of him with the moutains in the background. He wasn’t really in the mood to be my little model and I wished I had brought a golf shirt for him to wear, but these two turned out kind of cute anyway.

And my dad has turned these hummingbirds into addicts I believe. He adds a little extra sugar to their food. Had to turn the ISO up on the camera because it was so cloudy and the shade of the porch. Thus the grainy-ness. Still very difficult to get good shots of hummingbirds. The little things are so incredibly fast. I wish it hadn’t been cloudy. The sun would have added a nice glow to the photos.


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