Voting for a Mormon

Can I tell you a secret? Well I guess it will no longer be a secret once I share it here, but….

If I were voting in the republican primary today I would vote for a Morman. From the parts of the debates I have watched and other interviews I’ve seen I’m leaning toward Huntsman.

Now most of you might be thinking this isn’t a big deal. And it isn’t really.

Unless you grew up in a church of a very conservative denomination.

Then…well…it is.

I may even have current friends who would not agree with me on this.

And that’s okay. Hopefully they respect me enough to not judge me.

Because in small towns judgement can be harsh.

Honestly some of the nicest, most hard working, faithful and ethical people I have ever met are Mormons. Do I understand all of their beliefs? No. But that doesn’t mean I can’t respect them as persons or the work they do or the accomplishments they have achieved.

I won’t go into all the political reasons I like Hunstman over the other candidates. I never discuss politics here and today’s post isn’t about politics per say.

No. Today it’s about unmasking a fear. The fear that if I don’t politically agree with the mainstream Christians in these small southern towns that I’ll be judged.

And honestly? I’m really tired of the judgement.

Life: Unmasked

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