Well Hello Again

A gift of sunlight filtering through the trees as I leave this morning. #HisMerciesAreNew #SmallGroupDay
I disappeared from the blog for a while. First there was taking a courageous step. New routines, new places require adjustments. They aren’t easy. Never once though have we looked back with any regret. I can look back and see God’s hand preparing every step even to the smallest details.

As if one major life change was not enough there was also the last minute miracle and the long recovery. Not to mention a wonderful addition that came along as well as using my gifts serving a place I love.

My blog isn’t a business or my livelihood. It’s an outlet that comes from the overflow.

Sometimes in life there isn’t a great deal of overflow or you need to give that overflow elsewhere.

I also needed to tune out the many voices. (No, I’m not going crazy. I don’t hear voices in my head. Well, not usually. I do hear music in my head though. Even when there isn’t any playing.) No, I’m referring to the voices out there that tell you how to blog, how to find your blog niche, how to be a voice in social media, how to build a tribe. So many voices that drive you to compare yourself to others.

Nothing good comes from comparing ourselves to others.

I don’t want to be a niche blog. I want to share the things that interest me whether it be faith, art, photography or whatever. And hopefully I can encourage others in some way as I share.

As for being a voice, being heard? Most days it seems too much like a popularity contest. It’s tempting to find identity and worth in popularity. Especially being a recovering people pleaser. But that’s not where my worth is found, and I am content if my voice isn’t heard or liked.

And as for building a tribe? Well, I’ll share those thoughts tomorrow.

It may take me a bit to find my words again. They may tumble out awkwardly as I find my routine here again.

So hello again.


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