What Are You Hoping For & What’s Holding You Back?

I don’t like setting goals. And heaven forbid I set a resolution. It’s going to last all of maybe 3 hours.

But there are dreams and pursuits I’m hoping for and working towards. I just don’t want the pressure of “goals.” It paralyzes me.

One thing that I have been asking myself this past year is what is holding me back from those dreams and pursuits?

In working with my own coach I’ve found that what holds me back is two fold. It’s almost always my mindset & the limiting beliefs I have about myself and various things. And these limiting beliefs are almost always rooted in my core fear. (I talked about fear some here last year.)

Understanding our core fear and how it impacts what we do can help us understand what is holding us back from those things we are hoping for and dreaming of doing.

My core fear is not being good enough. In every situation, if I stop and think about what is holding me back or causing me to react in a certain way, I can peel back the layers and find that my core fear is almost always at the root.

And you want to know what happens when you can bring your core fear to light? It starts to lose its power. It might not happen overnight. It’s slow and holy work. But little by little it starts to lose its power.

If you want to learn more about how your core fears and motivations are holding you back I would love to help you.

My coaching process can help you find clarity on how you are uniquely created and what you were created to do.

It’s not as hard as you think. Don’t wait to discover the most important things about you and how they can help you discover your purpose.

It’s too costly to wander through life wondering what gets in your way of the things you want to do.

I love helping people discover how amazing they are and the gifts and strengths they were created with to make the world a better place and I would love to help you!

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