When Friends Leave Your Church


Today I’m guest posting over at Joy in this Journey. As I’ve read Joy’s posts about leaving their church and searching for a new one to call home my thoughts have returned to my own experience. 

There is no easy way to leave a church. I know. I’ve been there. Two years ago I sensed that God was leading us away from the church we attended for thirteen years. For months we struggled to come to terms with the issues that bothered us. Our friends were there and it was the only church our son had ever known. Making a change was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, but it was by far one of the hardest decisions.

Along the way the actions of some friends helped and unfortunately the actions of others did not. When our identity is found in Christ and not entangled in a specific denomination or church we will be able to support and love our friends when God leads them elsewhere. Continue reading at Joy’s space.

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