When Mockingbirds Sing



I almost never do reviews on my blog these days. I don’t like giving bad reviews so I’ve chosen for the most part to not take the risk of disliking something.

I rarely read fiction any more. Billy Coffey’s novels are the exception. So when Billy asked if anyone would be willing to help get the word out about his new novel I replied with a yes. I ‘met’ Billy and his blog via twitter a few years ago before his first book was released, and his blog is still one of my few favorites. So when he asked I knew I would likely enjoy the novel.

When Mockingbirds Sing introduces us to Leah, a shy little girl isolated by her stutter whose parents are struggling to find their way. New to the town of Mattingly, her family isn’t welcomed easily, but when Leah begins painting stunning images, that also seem to be prophetic, the town takes notice. When the prophetic imagery turns dark the townspeople face a spiritual realm they would rather not see and are forced to confront their long held beliefs.

With the easy and heartfelt writing I’ve come to love, Billy Coffey explores the unseen spiritual realm from the experience of a child and what happens when that world collides with long held beliefs of adults. Billy shares more about the inspiration for When Mockingbirds Sing here in the video below.

Disclaimer: I received a free advanced digital copy of When Mockingbirds Sing to review, but the thoughts and review here are my own. I do not recommend a book, or any product for that matter, unless I believe in it. 

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