A Saturday afternoon in fall and old country churches and cemeteries beckon me once again. Does this seem morbid? That fascination with cemeteries worn with age fascinate me? A memory of one down a sleepy country road we used to travel between here and college keeps begging me to explore.

So I find this way we once traversed between here and there. Perhaps thirteen or fourteen years have passed since we gave up that route for another. I slowly wind my way down this two lane county road several miles northwest of home. Catching glimpses of wildflowers along the roads. Whispering thanks for the Goldenrod beginning to bloom.

Watching for the church with graves beside. I pass one on my right and think “that can’t be it. I don’t remember it looking that bright.” Driving further I realize it was indeed the church.

My memory held images of faded white weathered by time. Instead I found bright white almost newly painted. The grave markers still time worn, but not capturing the memory fixed in my mind.

Uninspired I try to compose a few images with my camera in hopes that in going through the motions my eyes will begin to see differently.
After a few minutes of exploring I give up disappointed.

And then it happens. As I stop before pulling out of the church’s drive staring at me from across the road are more of the wildflowers. All along the drive I saw them, but did not see an easy place to stop and take photos.

An unexpected gift in the midst of the disappointment. Oh I know it wasn’t a grand disappointment compared to everything else that life brings us.

But still a gift.

593. For handmade quilts passed down through generations. (9/19/11)

594. For pleasant temps. (9/19/11)

595. For a productive Monday. (9/19/11)

596. For rain during the night. (9/20/11)

597. For thunderstorms. (9/20/11)

598. For sky split after the storm had passed. (9/20/11)

599. For lightning after dark in the eastern sky painting silhouettes of trees. (9/20/11)

600. For energy and motivation to get the house clean. (9/21/11)

601. For Sam playing outside without prompting. (9/21/11)

602. For a warm shower. (9/21/11)

603. For hot cocoa and a cheese danish. (9/22/11)

604. For dinner at Panera with Nicole, Tiffany, and Diane. (9/23/11)

605. For motivation and energy to run after three days off. (9/24/11)

606. For time to sit by the pool and sunshine on my skin. (9/25/11)

607. For country roads. (9/25/11)

608. For Goldenrod beginning to bloom. (9/25/11)

609. For unexpected wildflowers after an uninspiring search for photo opportunities. (9/25/11)

610. For a sink and tub and toilet fixed and no longer leaking. (9/25/11)

611. For Sunday afternoon naps. (9/26/11)


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