we made it safely to San Francisco. we flew over colorado springs and the rocky mountains. amazing!!! my face was glued to the window. i’ve always wanted to see the rocky mountains. now i just need to talk DH into taking a trip there so i can see them from the ground. i didn’t think to take my camera out of the carry on bag so i could take photos out the window. and we’re flying back on the red-eye so phooey.

san francisco is amazing! i can’t get over the hills the city is built on. ate lunch a nice little italian place. antipasta and bread and grilled salmon with broccolini with pesto. wonderful. boy do i love pesto. did a little shopping at union square. it’s just getting dark outside and we’ll be headed out to find some dinner shortly.

i’m missing my boys. i know they’ll be fine without me. i’ll have photos to post when i return home. 🙂

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