Your Words & Art as Worship

I think as writers, especially those of us with small audiences, we wonder if we’re just another voice adding noise out into the cosmos. I’ve heard this from more than one friend amidst their silence.

I’ve been there recently. Unsure if I would have words. Worried that the message I have has been shared better by others and with more eloquence. Tempted to give up we ask ourselves what more could we share. How can we stay true to ourselves and serve our audience when there are so many other voices out there.

Comparison is the enemy attempting to mute the voice God has given you.

Especially if our art involves faith we worry others will ask what authority we have to share our thoughts to a world where most want answers in black and white. Very few aspects of life are black and white, though. And that’s why we need art. Art in words, painting, photographs, music. They all open our hearts to what God wants to give us.

But here’s the thing. God speaks to each of us in different ways. Just as no two art pieces are the same no two voices are the same. We each have a unique perspective to share.

Share Your Voice

I’m beginning to believe that our task is to share the voice He gives us and leave the rest up to Him.

Some times a truth simmers in your heart for years and then suddenly crashes into your senses.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Psalm 150:6 NASB

Did you notice? It doesn’t say “just the most beautiful voices.” It doesn’t say “the most prolific writers.”

No. It says “everything.”

Even to the Lowest

Some of the most important messages were shared with those most considered small.

After all the angels tasked with sharing the news of Christ’s birth announced it to shepherds. Not the king. Not to those in authority. No. Of all people they announced it to shepherds. Shepherds who were considered the lowest of classes. What authority did they have? What did they know about God and the Messiah?

But what did they do? They worshipped and after they worshipped they shared their story. Do you think they only visited the infant Messiah and went on about their normal routine never sharing their story of this amazing night?

Art as Worship

Sharing our gifts and our voice becomes our praise. It becomes our worship. I’ve realized this has to be the reason I write or paint or any artistic project I approach. Because these words? These paintings and photographs? Every word, every brushstroke, every image I capture are gifts. They are not meant to be compared with the gifts He gives others.

The only way I can remain true to myself and in love with what I do is to offer them back as worship. I hope when others see my art or read my words they see through to the One who gave them.

For me my arts are a part of my worship. And worship should never be about the one worshipping, but instead reflect the One being worshipped.

Are you worried that your voice will get lost among the many? Can I encourage you to simply share your words and art? It’s not always easy, but if we share it out of worship, as a gift given back to him I think all the other worries will fall away.

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