A Sabbath of Remembrance

The moon casts shadows across my yard. A planet hangs brightly in the eastern sky. I forget which one. Settled into my favorite rocking chair I listen to the night songs. A star here and there straining to shine against the light of full moon. Autumn night meriting a blanket to keep warm.Ending a day of rememberance. A day of thankfulness.

The days begins early. Waking at four before the sun rises for unknown reasons. Praying then eyes heavy I lay down for a brief nap. Waking again to prepare for church. An emotional service remembering September eleventh. Serving during the next service. Watching as church fills to almost overflowing for a second time that day.

A quiet afternoon at home. Husband resting. Recovering from sickness. Son playing. A Sabbath nap refreshes my weary mind.

The late afternoon light of Fall begs for exploring. Camera in hand I find a road and see where it will lead. Or rather what it will lead me to.

Old country churches. Cemetaries in disrepair. A sunset catching my breath. A much needed afternoon for my artist soul.

Then alone as I put my feet to walking then running. Worship music lifting my thoughts upward. Away from the pain of exercise. Almost an hour later cooling down my breathing returning to normal. Thankful I pushed myself to complete my normal routine. There are days the exercise battle is hard fought. Stretched I return home. Thankful for our little family and a Sabbath to rest.

Full moon casting shadows as I listen to the night sounds. Giving thanks to the Father as I count the gifts. The gifts. They truly are all grace.

559. For Fall like temps. (9/5/11)

560. For energy and motivation to run my usual intervals again. (9/5/11)

561. For no ankle pain after running. (9/5/11)

562. For getting the laundry washed, dried, folded, ironed and put away all in one day. (9/5/11)

563. For a productive day. (9/5/11)

564. For wind. (9/5/11)

565. For time on the porch listening to the wind and rain. (9/5/11)

566. For that brief moment after four days of clouds when the clouds brighten and you see the sunshine. (9/7/11)

567. For free Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit. (9/8/11)

568. For sunshine and blue sky. (9/8/11)

569. For small group. (9/8/11)

570. For moon so bright. (9/8/11)

571. For getting laundry done all in one day. (9/9/11)

572. For the Switch 56 leaders at Highlands Auburn. (9/9/11)

573. For getting to see Tom and Rachel while they were in Auburn. (9/9/11)

754. For Autumn flowers on my front porch. (9/10/11)

755. For Mrs. Wood celebrating her 100th birthday. (9/10/11)

756. For an afternoon to explore with my camera in hand. (9/11/11)

757. For a sunset that took my breath away. (9/11/11)

758. For time alone in the fitness center running on the treadmill listening to worship music. (9/11/11)

759. For a planet hanging in the eastern sky. (9/11/11)

760. For cool Fall air at night. (9/11/11)

What are you grateful for today?


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