A Sunday Stroll through Camp.

We live near a beautiful lake. Near the south end of the lake there is a wonderful camp that hosts camps for children with cancer as well as many other camps. It's a very special place. There's a chappel and a lighthouse that always takes my breath away as I drive over the bridge near the camp.

The teenage daughter of a friend of mine asked me to help her take some photos for her application to the yearbook staff.  I wanted to go down to the camp and told her she was welcome to come along. I brought my old digital SLR and gave her a crash course in photography. She brought along her ballet pointe shoes. She did a great job and got some great photos that day. These I'm posting are all mine, but I'm planning on posting a couple of her shots soon.

The clouds were incredible that day. I'm having a hard time deciding which one I should use for my POTD, but I really love the last one.

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