I’m linking up at The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday. I missed last week so I’m using her prompt from last week of mail.


I stop at the bottom of our hill. Today like most every day. I open the mailbox and pull the stack out. Junk…..bill….junk….then I see it. A blue airmail piece. My face lights with a smile.

Kenya the postmark reads. Yes. A letter from him.

A letter that will always brighten my day. No matter the difficulties or frustrations of the recent hours, seeing that postmark could make the sun shine at midnight.

With pictures drawn and stories about his life, about his family, we read each word carefully. And then read them again. And again. Soaking up the words. Trying to envision what his life is like. What he experiences each day.

He prays for our family. This little one a world away.

I thought I was changing his life. Instead, he is changing my heart.