And Joy Returns

When our hearts feel His grace and His joy and His presence. And it overwhelms. Heart so full of wonder.

Yet skin so thin. As deeply as the joy is felt the discouragement can take hold as well. Leaning in. Knowing a battle wages. And leaning even more. Every breath a prayer. Deep breaths of giving thanks. More leaning.Prayers for thick skin and soft heart.

A song taken hold playing over and over in the mind. Constant sound of worship.

And joy returns. Not as a blast of wind, but a gentle peace.

What do you do when you lose the joy?

Continuing to count the gifts:

699. For feeling joy despite feeling physically unwell. (11/7/11)

700. For encouraging words just as discouragement tries to settle in. (11/8/11)

702. For pink morning sky. (11/9/11)

703. For our maple tree bursting into red. (11/9/11)

704. For cloudy mornings. (11/9/11)

705. For strength to do my four miles when I thought I could only do two. (11/9/11)

706. For unexpected time to paint. (11/9/11)

707. For Chris’s willingness to pick up dinner when my headache wouldn’t go away. (11/9/11)

708. For rain. (11/9/11)

709. For cheese danishes and cocoa. (11/10/11)

710. For laughter with friends. (11/10/11)

711. For lunch with Sarah Beth. (11/11/11)

712. For a fun photo session with the Hickmans. (11/11/11)

713. For adventures with Karla and firetrucks and a police officer. (11/11/11)

714. For an afternoon with friends. (11/12/11)

715. For clouds across blue canvas of sky. (11/13/11)

716. For my sister. (11/13/11)

717. For four miles. (11/14/11)

718. For canvas and paint. (11/14/11)

719. For Chris grilling even in the rain. (11/14/11)

720. For a good night’s sleep. (11/15/11)