And Still I Am Grateful

My legs begin their run on the treadmill as the rain pours outside. Chest tight as I meet the one mile mark. Walking an interval I debate with myself the second mile I need to run. Lightning pops and wind blows rain across the lake. I somehow find the energy to run again. Another mile.

And I am grateful.

The house is quiet. Only the dishwasher humming. I peek in on Squirt who has fallen asleep reading. His sudden decision to read catching me off guard, but I am thankful. I slip into bed to read Tozer as hubby has already crashed after a hectic day at work.

And I am grateful.

I sit at the small table sipping hot cocoa. Sun streaming through eastern window as I breath in the smell of coffee. Snowflake window clings decorate and I realize this Starbucks has begun Christmas early as well.

But still I am grateful.

When I began Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts almost a year ago and learned of Eucharisteo I knew God had given me my word for 2011. “You need to learn this.” How hard could it be? To keep a list of things, consider them gifts and grace and give thanks for each?

How much that one beautiful word wrapped up and unfolded before me I could never have imagined. I’m not sure I would have chosen it had I known. Had I known how I would learn to give thanks amidst the hard and the hurt.

Yet I have. I count each gift as a grace. Disciplining myself to list and say thank you and when those times where the worry or insecurities or hurts come I look back and remember and know that He gives me enough for this day.

720. For a good night’s sleep. (11/15/11)
721. For a productive day. (11/15/11)
722. For four miles. (11/16/11)
723. For red leaves falling to the ground. (11/16/11)
724. For Sam’s laugh while playing mad libs at dinner. (11/16/11)
725. For ice cream cones. (11/16/11)
726. For thick skin. (11/17/11)
727. For planet in the night sky. (11/17/11)
728. For sleeping in. (11/19/11)
729. For hot tea. (11/19/11)
730. For Highlands. (11/20/11)
731. For breakfast at IHOP with Chris and Sam. (11/20/11)
732. For Crosspoint’s online service. (11/20/11)
733. For morning fog. (11/21/11)