at least I think it's a butterfly. I'm never positive which is a butterfly and which is a moth.

When I started this photo a day project for this year it was being discussed over on the Scrap, Etc forums and a comment was made by someone that they would get to the point where it was just another chore to find something to take a photo of for that day.

This thought did cross my mind, but it was something I felt strongly about trying. So I started and with the exception of about 3 days I've taken a photo a day. There are mornings I wake up and think "what will I get a photo of today?" Some days there are things I know will provide a photo opportunity. But rarely is there ever a day I dread trying to come up with something to photograph.  And this is the reason: I've learned that if I keep my eyes open and searching there is always something that presents itself for my photo.

Today's photo is a perfect example.  I had stepped out to get something from my van and as I was walking back in I noticed a butterfly resting ever so peacefully in our back yard. I opened the window and screen to try and get a shot and then decided to quietly walk as close as I could. I stepped up into a chair and took this shot without disturbing it. I tried to get closer and my dog saw where I was headed and spotted it and tried to capture it for me. Luckily it flew away.

So really I think going into a photo a day project isn't as difficult as some think it might be. Keep your camera handy and stay mindful of keeping an observing eye for details you might normally ignore.

And isn't that when God speaks to us as well;  when we are mindful and observant?


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