Choosing Our Thoughts

Most people believe we can’t choose our thoughts. And while we may not be able to choose the thoughts we have we do have a choice as to which thoughts we hold on to. When we hold on to too many thoughts that do not serve us well they can become limiting beliefs.

We are all human though and want to take the path of least resistance. It’s easier for us to ruminate on those thoughts and allow them to take up space in our mind and spirit and become emotions we don’t deal with. The cost of this can be great. Unresolved emotions can also cause physical issues.

These thoughts can keep us stuck in a place of frustration and inner turmoil. When we allow these thoughts that pop into our head to go further There is a cost?

If we hold onto thoughts that don’t serve us well they can eventually cause our bodies harm.

If we hold onto thoughts that don’t serve us well they can keep us from living FROM a place of purpose and peace.

I’m definitely not perfect at taking every thought captive but I’ve learned a few questions to ask myself when a thought comes into my mind:

  1. Is this thought bringing me life & energy or is it draining me?
  2. Is this thought coming from my core fear? (Each enneagram type has a core fear. We explore your enneagram type in my life coaching program.)
  3. Is this thought coming from a place of abundance or scarcity?
  4. Is this thought bringing me joy?
  5. Does this thought serve me well in this present moment or is it causing me to live in the past or worry about the future?
  6. Was this thought triggered by a message or something that is intended to cause fear?
  7. If I hold on to this thought what could it be costing me?

What is it costing you to hold on to thoughts that are not serving you well?

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