Day 17 and funny things he says

So many times it’s all I can do not to crack up laughing at what DS says. A little background first. We have had a horrible drought here and so the lake we live near is way below summertime levels. Actually we are very close to winter time levels – 10 feet below full pool. It’s not making for a very fun summer on the lake. So now for the story.

The other day I was taking DS to his grandparents who were at their lake cabin. He said he didn’t want to go down there, but wanted them to keep him at their house in town so he could swim in the pool. I tell him that he can swim in the lake and he says with hands raised beside his head waving them around, “I’ve got some news for you moma. There is no lake!” It was all I could do not to burst into laughter.

And today. We are at the eye doctor having his eyes checked and they have these touch controlled dimmer lights. You just slide your finger across the plate and it brightens or dims. He accidentally touched it and the lights got bright and then he tried to dim them but went too quickly and it turned them off. So he says, “I don’t know how to operate this light.” Operate just seemed like an odd word for a 7 year old to use. Sounded so grown up.

On the exercise front it’s Day 17. Didn’t quite get up early enough to go walk before DH had to leave for work. My sinuses were bothering me. But I did do a 50 minute Firm workout video. Hoping to do the page for today later.

We had a little rain last night along with some thunder and lightning. It’s starting to cloud up and hearing thunder as I type so praying we’ve got more on the way. The clouds are making me sleepy. Might just have to take a nap.  🙂

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