Dear Grandparents,

I know you love your grandchild. I really do appreciate all the ways in which you spoil him.  I love that he is able to spend so much time with each of you and that he has a special thing with each of you. I am eternally grateful that God has given our precious boy such wonderful grandparents.

But for the love of all that is good and decent and particularly for my waist line….oh and my hips…and my complexion, please buy small (very, very small) doses of candy, particularly chocolate. While DS may eat a small portion of it the rest of the bags of M&Ms or Hershey Kisses, or Chocolate Chip Cookies, etc…sit on the counter all but forgotten by him. They mock me and tempt me until I can just no longer resist their call.

Thank you for your attention to this little detail.


Your daughter/daughter-in-law

(written after a day of inability to resist the call of the hershey kisses)

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