December Daily – Better Late than Never

So here’s my December Daily album. I finished it a couple of weeks ago, but am just now getting around to taking pics of it.

Jan122010_0001web Jan122010_0002web Jan122010_0003web Jan122010_0004web Jan122010_0005web Jan122010_0006web Jan122010_0007web

Jan122010_0008web Jan122010_0009web Jan122010_0010web Jan122010_0011 Jan122010_0012web Jan122010_0013web Jan122010_0014web Jan122010_0015web Jan122010_0016web Jan122010_0017web Jan122010_0018web Jan122010_0019web Jan122010_0020web Jan122010_0021web Jan122010_0022web Jan122010_0023web Jan122010_0024web Jan122010_0025web Jan122010_0026web

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