Don’t you love it….

when your child comes to the conclusion that you are right about something? This morning on the way to church DS tells me that there is no school tomorrow. Of course I tell him that there is and he continues to argue that school is closed tomorrow. (For any of you who know my DS this arguing doesn’t come as a surprise. – LOL!) He says he will bet me a cent that he’s right. I tell him I’m not betting him anything. I tell him that his teacher would have put it in the newsletter she normally sends home on Friday, but he didn’t bring one home. He says, "Oh yeah she said she would send it home on Monday."  And then it dawns on him that he would have to be there for her to give it to them to bring home. Ahhhh….mommy victory is sweet. 🙂

And in other random things, remember this movie? There’s almost nothing on television early this evening and I came across it while flipping channels. Great movie, but sad. I don’t think my mother would like because of the sadness factor.  Me though? Every once in a while I like one. Think I need to check out itunes for some of the songs from it also.

The weather forecasters are predicting cold weather again with the highs not getting above the upper 40s. I like cold weather until after New Year’s and then I’m ready for spring and summer. The nice spring time weather we experienced last week was so nice.

Well, that’s all for now. My scrap/sewing/laundry room is pretty much complete. I’ll try to take photos of it soon. Preparing for a Stampin’ Up workshop Tuesday night at the moment, though.

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