The Drama

Before having children I was under the impression that having a boy would exempt me from experiencing the overly dramatic angst that I had always associated with girls. Oh how sadly I was mistaken.

Little did I realize that my son would give me a new phrase – "drama king".  And it never ceases to baffle me what he chooses to overly dramatize. Heaven forbid his hair be sticking up in the morning before he leaves, but he's perfectly fine wearing a dirty pair of blue jeans.

So if you find me a little MIA around the blog at times  just envision moments like the following one and understand why.

As we were preparing to leave for church this morning I told DS to brush his teeth. He picks up the toothpaste (that he picked out himself) and starts reading the label on the back. He then continues to freak out because it says "for 2 – 6 years old". "I can' use this," he says. "I'm not 6." Now whether he truly thought he couldn't use the toothpaste because he was older than it said or he was smart enough to try and get out of brushing his teeth I don't know.

Seriously. This is what my days are made of. The drama.  I did go back and look at the label and he was simply misreading the instructions that say "children 2 to 6 years of age use a pea size amount."

And sometimes it – the drama –  just exhausts me.

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