When you join Facebook make sure you have your yearbook handy.

I'm sure you've heard of Facebook, unless of course you've been living under a rock. (Hey, I'm not judging. I kind of like my rock in my little corner of the world.)

I joined facebook a few months ago and it's been great seeing how people are doing.  I have received many friend requests though that had me digging deep in the recesses of my mind or my sister's mind or my yearbooks to remember the friend.  I have a terrible memory and I feel so bad when I can't quite place the name and/or face. So definitely have your yearbooks handy if you have a terrible memory like mine. 🙂 Sometimes I'll know the name, but the photo will look so different from how I remember them that I'll doubt myself.

My DH just joined Facebook a few weeks ago and he's going through the addiction phase and trying to remember how he knows the friends he gets requests from. It's really been quite humorous watching him discover something that's not new to me. (Usually it's the other way around.)

It's really amazing the friends from high school and college that I've been reacquainted with because of Facebook. It really is a phenomen. I'm always surprised by some of the friend requests I get. It's been so nice to reconnect with them also. 

One friend from college is now in Texas. We both attended the Baptist Campus Ministries while in college at JSU, but of course graduation, marriage and life took us to different parts of the country. Come to find out she's a part of a music duo called Ride Thirteen.  Her voice is as beautiful as it ever was. They are a folk/folk rock group and I've enjoyed listening to the songs on their MySpace page

You just never know what or who you will discover on Facebook. 🙂 And today that discovery brought a smile to my face and a music discovery I'm so glad I found.

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