Finding my focus and balance amidst the Summer Fun.

Summer is keeping us busy. Art and piano are still in full swing. My kiddo is a water rat. I'm surprised he's not shriveled up like a prune permanently. Hours in the pool and lake, spending time with friends and cousins. I have to remind myself not to get too caught up in my to-do list and enjoy the time the kiddo is home.  And of course my cameras are with me to document it all and keep up with my 365 photo of the day project.

I seem to be finding my focus now that we're a month into summer.  That focus really had seemed to escape me for a while. Between my dad leaving on active duty preparing to head overseas, my mother-in-law being sick and feeling like a was driving a checkered cab for the kiddo, I was having a hard time honing in and accomplishing anything. I'm editing photo sessions (can't wait to share some from these soon) and have got the scrapbooking projects ready to go. I'm itching to scrap. Dreaming of getting lost in the paper and ink and stuff. A new top is cut out and ready to sew. Think I'm going to try out my mom's serger on it. (Pray I don't royally screw up this first project with it.)

Oh and hopefully I'll have my latest oil pastel finished this week to share here. I'm loving art lessons. Who would have thought that me, who can't draw a stick figure, would love art lessons so much. My etsy shop has several items in it with more to come soon. 

Yes, I seem to be finding my balance and focus for the summer. I rode the Sea-Doo for the first time today. The water wasn't too rough and it was a nice ride. There's still something so fun and freeing about a nice Sea-Doo ride.

Now for my photos of the day.

June 25 – I always smile when I see a dog hanging out a window riding down the road. There's just something so free about it.


June 26 – Visited the botanical gardens today with the kiddo. He's been so into planting and flowers lately I thought he'd enjoy going. He really enjoyed it and took along his own camera. He decided to do a short video with it after taking several photos. Here he was walking along videoing. Think I'm going to take him to visit Aldridge Gardens next time we're up in Birmingham.


June 27 – Some of the cousins were  down at the lake along with their dog Max. He's grown a bit, but he's still just as sweet and only weighs about 16 pounds.  My dear husband has doggy fever thanks to this little guy.


June 28 – Spent more time at the lake with the cousins. Our oldest nephew is old enough to drive the Sea-Doo and the kiddo loves riding with him. Good thing I trust his driving. I loved seeing the 3 of them riding today. It makes my heart smile.


Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate all my readers. Be back soon. More swimming with friends planned for tomorrow.

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