When I Need Rest


How often do we find ourselves in need of physical rest yet it eludes us? I found myself struggling with this last week. Two nights awakened during the night. My spirit not allowing me rest. Rather God not allowing my spirit to rest. Those times are different though. I have found He provides the rest and energy needed when that happens.

But how many times is my lack of physical rest a symptom of something else or caused by my own actions? More than I would like to admit.

So what do I do? I try to think of actions or feelings that have brought sleeplessness in the past.

Am I exercising regularly?

Am I eating too much chocolate? Especially too late in the afternoon?

Have I spent time doing the hobbies I love: photography, painting, scrapbooking.

Am I holding onto something instead of giving it over to God?

And now as I focus on my One Word for 2011, am I remembering to seek and count the grace gifts? To give thanks for each?

Each of these things can effect my rest. I work through them. Then I breathe. Rest will come. Because in the end rest for my spirit as well as my body comes from Him.

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. — Psalm 62:5


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