Fireworks on the Lake

I have been begging the husband for several years to go to the amphitheater down at the lake for the big fireworks show. For all those years he has resisted because there is a ton of traffic. There's only a 2 lane highway that runs past the amphitheater. Makes the normal 25 minutes drive down there more like an hour.

So this year I never mentioned the fireworks show. I didn't think there was any point. And to my surprise the hubby decided we would go all on his own. After spending the day at the lake with family we came back home, gathered a few things and headed down to the other side of the lake to the amphitheater. We hung out with friends, went a little deaf from the bands  playing and waiting for the fireworks to begin. I think we'll be going down for the fireworks every 4th now which is fine with me. Fireworks are hard to photograph so I'll be trying to improve each year.

I'll give you fair warning here: photo heavy post from here on out.

This glider flew over as we were listening to the concert.


The boats were beginning to make their way and wait.


I love the sight of all the boats sitting in the water with their lights.

070410_0016 070410_0020 070410_0025

Someone was setting off their own fireworks from their boat before the show began.

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