First Day of 3rd Grade

We are back in school. A new grade, a new campus, 2 teachers this year instead of one.  And we made it through the first day great. DS asked why his school day went by so fast. Considering his day is about 20 minutes longer this year I’m glad he felt that way on the first day. So I took my usual first day of school photo on our front steps. He’s squinting of course (our house faces east thus the bright sunlight), but oh, well. I think next year I’ll take my reflector out and use it as a diffuser to block the sun. As I was looking over the assignment for my Digi: In Deep class from Jessica Sprague I realized that the assignment uses photos with a then and now perspective so I dug through CDs to find DS’s first day of kindergaten photo. Wow! I can’t believe how much he’s changed. Look at that sweet little face from Kindergarten. It’s odd how you don’t notice how they change when you are with them daily.



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