I have a rocking chair that I brought from home when I married. I rocked my son in it as a baby and I was rocked in at as a baby and I think back to my great grandfather (or there abouts) was also. It’s had some coats of paint and a new cushion since.

I’ve always loved to rock. Maybe it’s that soothing motion, but there’s nothing better than sitting on  a porch enjoying the day while rocking in a rocking chair. Recently my son has started rocking in this rocking chair while he watches television. And he can rock in it for an hour at a time which truly amazes me. He is after all 6 years old. He’s never very still. But something about this rocking chair has captured him. It’s so amazing to walk past and he’s just gently rocking back and forth. So glad he has discovered this favorite chair.


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