Good music….

inspires me. Especially instrumental music. Especially piano and strings music. It moves me.  It motivates me. It makes my soul sing. It always has, even since I was a little girl.

If I'm having a hard time motivating myself I put on music and before I know it I'm accomplishing more.

I discovered this video on Matthew Paul Turner's blog. Thanks so much for sharing Matthew. I don't know how I've never discovered him before now. I will probably be listening to this all day as I work around the house and scrapbook.

Jon Schmidt will now be moving in beside Jim Brickman in this piano music lover's heart. (Sorry Jim, you have to share my love now.) I'm going to need to add another itunes gift card to my itunes account I believe.  If Jon and Jim ever got together….well, it might be too much for this 35 year old heart. I'm just sayin'.  And I just realized they both twitter! Could this day get much better?

It's going to be one amazing day. I can already tell. So be sure and click the play button and listen. You won't regret it. I promise.

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