Grace Gifts 3/28/11


Wisteria blooms overtake. Along the roads as I drive purple blooms erupt signing spring’s arrival.

The past weeks struggling to live this Eucharisteo. To give thanks seeking the gifts He sends if only I look.

Yet I continue. Seeking graces even as I simply move through motions. Knowing the joy will come as it has before.

132. Late night text from a friend just needing someone to listen.(3/23/11)

133. Moon in the morning sky. (3/24/11)

134. A twitter friend linking me on his blog. (3/25/11)

135. Having a heart that hurts deeply for a discouraged friend. (3/25/11)

136. The breeze cooling me off after my run. (3/26/11)

137. A friend who found encouragement. (3/26/11)

138. Motivation to run on a day I didn’t feel it. (3/26/11)

139. Wisteria blooming all over. (3/26/11)

140. Tulips in bloom. (3/26/11)

141. Rain giving brief respite against the pollen. (3/27/11)

143. Laughing at hubby and kiddo on drive home from church. Kiddo saying “Stay with me ice cream. Beep. Beep.” Trying to save his ice cream from melting as if it were in an ER. (3/27/11)

144. A church we love. (3/27/11)

145. Pandora Radio (3/27/11)

146. Afternoon of sunshine following a morning of clouds and rain. (3/27/11)

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