Grace Gifts 5/10/11


There is a restlessness disrupting my spirit these days. Unexplainable so I move through the motions. The search for grace gifts taking more effort and focus. I know they are there so I intentionally slow myself. And I list.

245. Finishing the devotions for a teen girls retreat. (4/26/11)

246. Technology during severe weather coverage. (4/27/11)

247. For wind. (4/27/11)

248. For leaves blowing in the wind. (4/27/11)

249. For a friend sharing a gift. (4/28/11)

250. For a quiet night. (4/28/12)

251. For an evening alone with mexican and movies. (4/29/11)

252. For encouragement from another writer. (4/29/11)

253. For time to give out food to those cleaning up after the horrific storms. (4/30/11)

254. For time with family. (5/1/11)

255. For an amazing sunset on the drive home from church. (5/1/11)

256. For rain and thunder without tornadoes. (5/3/11)

257. For sliver of crescent moon. (5/4/11)

258. An owl calling as I go to bed. (5/4/11)

259. For cooler temps if just for a day or two.(5/4/11)

260. For Target cardigan sweaters. (5/5/11)

261. For a calm day subbing. (5/6/11)

262. For friends who are finding peace. (5/6/11)

263. For opportunities to guest post on a couple of blogs. (5/6/11)

264. For haircuts. (5/6/11)

265. For time with Rachel and Teresa. (5/6/11)

266. For the birds in the tree outside my parents’ kitchen chattering & singing away. (5/7/11)

267. For honeysuckle blooming along country roadsides. (5/7/11)

268. For kiddo singing to himself when he thinks no one is listening. (5/7/11)

269. Beautiful day on the lake for a boat ride. (5/8/11)

270. Unexpected afternoon with Sam after checking him out of school early. (5/9/11)

271. Chris rubbing my back. (5/9/11)

272. Falling asleep easier. (5/9/11)

273. Time at the piano. (5/9/11)

274. Encouragement from a twitter friend. (5/10/11)

275. Listening to the birds sing as I fold laundry. (5/10/11)

What grace gifts are you thankful for this week?

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