Grace Unthreatened


He rants about politics. At almost thirteen years old, he wants to watch presidential debates and ask thousands of questions. He has made up his mind who he thinks should win the election even though he does not know enough facts to make a truly informed decision, only by what he hears from those he looks up to. He is almost thirteen after all. He thinks it is all black and white.

And as much as it frustrates me, I have to find grace for that as well.

I try to teach him to respect the rights and opinions of others, even if those opinions oppose his own. Born with a will so strong, how do I teach him the beauty of grace? Yet I see my own idealism of youth reflected back. I have looked at life in black and white. 

In hindsight I realize how threatening grace can be.

I have listened as a person supposedly called to lead bashes others because of their choices. This need to be right reduces life to us versus them leaving little room for grace.

Do we feel so threatened by grace because it requires we admit we do not have all the answers? Does grace push us to see life, not in black and white, but filled with grey?

I am beginning to believe there is a dichotomy to grace. A lightness when accepted, yet heavy, as we are to care for others with the same grace given. Perhaps when we feel threatened by another’s opinions, beliefs or religion, we have forgotten the full weight with which this ultimate Grace was given.

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