Grateful Morning

I've had some difficulty sleeping the past few weeks. It's not unusual for me to have a hard time falling asleep, but usually I don't have any trouble staying asleep once I do. The past few weeks though I've been waking up an hour or two before my alarm is set to go off. I'm not exactly sure what that's all about. Some mornings I've just laid there frustrated while others I've pulled myself out of the warmth of my down comforter. Today I managed to pull myself up. I read my devotion and wrote in my journal. If there's one thing God has been teaching me over the past few months is to be grateful. When I remind myself to be grateful I find that my attitude is so much better throughout my day.

After dropping DS off at school I went to our church and walked 2 miles around the indoor track. When I walk by myself I listen to my IPOD.  I always end up playing This Moment by Stephen Curtis ChapmanEvery Moment by Joy Williams is also another one that inspires me. And Unwritten by Hillary Weeks is usually the one I cool down to. And it always reminds me to be grateful.

Have you ever read something and though "now why do I not remember that all the time?" This post from Simple Mom really made sense to me this morning. Getting the worst tasks done first really does make your day better. I've done this before, but I always seem to forget.

Yesterday I finally finished making my day planner. I'll be taking a photo of it and sharing it later today (hopefully). I'm feeling very inspired to do some more papercrafting. I also have an idea for a bookmark I'd like to make. My mother bought me an embroidery machine for Christmas and I'm itching to get it out and play some more.

Yesterday I walked 2 miles after I dropped DS off at school. I know getting back into a regular exercise routine will help with my sleep and will help me stop feeling like I need to eat all the time. (I don't, but I certainly could.) So I decided to take advantage of the time while DS was in basketball practice and walk around the track while he practiced.  The desk was out of the little counters you get and click for each lap (several people walking), but I walked for at least 25 minutes. I'm hoping to get 2 walks a day in at least 2 or 3 times a week in hopes that it will help boost my metabolism a bit. I'm planning to walk again after church this evening.

And for Day 12 of my 365 photo project. DS at basketball practice. Since I planned to walk around the track while he practiced I hoped I could get a shot. It's a bit blurry, but that's okay. I'm not trying for perfect photos with this 365 project. Just capturing something about that day. Hoping to start working on my template in photoshop for my 365 pages soon. For some reason he didn't want to change out of his jeams into sweats or shorts for practice. He was probably just being lazy.

Well, I'm off to try and do some crafty things. 🙂


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