great teachers

I’ve had many wonderful teachers throughout my years in school and college. Mrs. Johnson who took my entire 3rd grade class (30 something of us)instead of letting us be put in a split class (half one grad and half another grade) for 2 years in a row. (And yes I went to a very small school that was Kindergarten through 12th grade.) And Mrs. Stiefel my home-ec teacher whose class at the time everyone disliked because of how she wanted us to do everything just so. In hind sight if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be able to cook or sew or many other things I do now I’m sure.  I had really great teachers throughout elementary and high school.

I had great teachers in college also. One of my favorites in college was a history professor, Dr. Jackson,whose Alabama History class I took. It was an elective but I enjoyed history so why not. What made Dr. Jackson’s class so interesting was that he is a storyteller. He had a way of making the history come to life with stories from his life or ones he’d heard passed down from his family.

Dr. Jackson now has a column in the newspaper back home and today I was reading some of his columns from the past month. They always make me laugh yet teach me something as well. Isn’t that what a great teacher does?

I’m so glad that my son has had wonderful teachers so far through his short school career. It takes a a lot of worry off of a parent when your child comes home and is learning so much and says he loves his teacher.

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