Halfway to Hippie

31 Days of Essential Oils and Other Natural Remedies, etc…

It’s true. I might should have been born a decade or two earlier. I find myself doing things that are somewhat hippy-ish. Except without the magic mushrooms, LSD & other risky behaviors. 

I make my own laundry and dishwasher detergent now. 
I’ve never colored my hair which started turning grey at the early age of 23. I don’t wear make-up. All of which probably makes me look a few years older than I am, but I’m okay with that most days. 
I’ve seen a chiropractor regularly since I was in college and firmly believe chiropractic care is an incredible way to heal many things naturally. 
I’m eating granola bars and liking them now. (They have chocolate & peanut butter chips so the holy grail of sweet and salty.)
I stopped shampooing my hair ten months ago. Don’t turn your nose up. I said I stopped shampooing it, not that I stopped washing it. There are natural ways to clean your hair. 
I make my own facial cleanser using natural ingredients. (Olive oil, castor oil, melaleuca and frankincense.)
And I’m now using essential oils for most every day ailments.  
Yes. I’m halfway to being a hippie. But don’t worry. I don’t think I’ll ever find myself living the completely natural life. 
I can still chow down on some queso dip and tortillas. The cornbread at Byron’s still makes my mouth water, and Sassy Scotty on a croissant with broccoli salad at The Chicken Salad Chick makes any day better. Peanut M&Ms will always call my name. 
So for the next month I’m going to try to share my story about how God brought essential oils into my life and other information that I’m learning about them. I’ve decided at the last moment to link up with 31 Days over at the Nester. 
Have you ever used natural remedies and essential oils? Are there things you would like to learn about essential oils? 

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