Happy, Happy, Happy

This past October I submitted a layout to Simple Scrapbooks for a page call they had on hometowns. At first my thought was to do it on all the neat things about our town, but as I started looking through my photos I decided to do it on our children’s library. The page came together so quickly for me. I had never submitted anything to any magazine before and really didn’t think I would hear anything from them. The Monday my sister and I traveled to San Francisco back in October I checked my e-mail from her laptop after we settled into the hotel. I was absolutely shocked when I received an e-mail requesting it for the Mar/Apr issue. But I was so afraid I would jinx it that I have told very few people about it. Well, someone on a message board I frequent posted last night that it’s out and what page my layout is on. I have been on cloud nine all day. So, so excited. I still haven’t received my copy yet and of course the only 2 places in our town where I could possibly buy it doesn’t have it on the shelves yet. But here’s the page. I did fix the journaling mess up before I sent it in though. 🙂 I just can’t wait to see it! I’ll be stalking the mail carrier until it arrives. And to make it even better GretchenMac also has a layout in it. As DS would say “Sweeeet!”


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