Happy Thanksgiving

It’s 8:20 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning. The house is still quiet except for the washer and dryer going. My 2 boys, the big one and the little one, are still sleeping. It’s raining outside and I’m in my scrap room/sewing room/laundry room (click here if you’d like to see my space – it may seem strange but it works really well for me) washing towels and straightening up and working on some photography orders. Our families will be getting together for Thanksgiving on Friday and Saturday this year. I have to clean my house this morning to get ready for my family coming on Saturday. I had hoped to try and do it yesterday afternoon after I went Christmas shopping, but it didn’t happen. So I will be cleaning on this Thanksgiving morn. I did however manage to get a good portion of my Christmas shopping finished yesterday. And the Christmas card photo has been taken as well.  Just thought I’d share some of these I took of my little guy this past weekend. I took one where he wasn’t smiling and he said, “but that’s a serious face” and I told him that was okay. So we had more serious faces and I really like them. Of course he couldn’t keep a serious face the entire time and eventually cracked up. And I just love old downtown buildings. And our girl is finally getting old enough to sit still for a few seconds for me to get a photo. She thinks if Sam is beside her they should be playing. Thus the last photo I’ve posted. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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