He’s into gardening now.

A couple of months ago the kiddo brought home a small little cabbage plant from school. He decided he wanted to plant it between my azaleas. Before I realized what he was doing he had it planted. It wouldn't be my first thing to plant in the gap between my azaleas, but I'm not going to ruin his new experiment with his cabbage.

The cabbage is doing fairly well and then he added moss in one of my porch planters. (I know, moss in a planter, but let's go with that anyway.) So I decided to plant some flowers in the planters on the porch since I was too busy in May to do it and struck off to Home Depot to buy some flowers and he wanted to buy some flowers for himself. I managed to get one pot filled with flowers before the storm hit Sunday and then we somehow forgot them yesterday so this morning before golf we got to work. He planted them both by himself with just a tad bit of assistance from me. I'm so proud of him. I see a scrapbook page coming soon with these photos and story.

June 16 – POTD – The kiddo shoveling soil around the hydrangea he planted.


And of course more photos. The kiddo before he realized I had my camera.


His little gardening area with freshly planted hydrangea.


His cabbage plant.


He never complained about the difficulty of digging up the hard ground in that area.


My porch and new flowers in progress.


His gardening area.


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