How do some roads get their names anyway?

Really I’m just wondering how some roads get their names.

For example. There is one road in a county I travel through called “Hog Walla Holler”.

And, well, that’s not that surprising when you live in Alabama. Especially when aforementioned road is in an extremely rural area of Alabama.

But there is one road near my parents that makes me scratch my head in wonder every time. This road was built sometime when I was in college if I’m remembering correctly so I’ve been scratching my head for around 13 years.

So here’s my photo for July 30. The road sign.


So can anyone enlighten me? My mother wonders if some of the flower children that visit a state park near there decided to put down some roots and stay.

So tell me, what does this road sign make you think? And what roads signs do you see or have seen that make you wonder how it got it’s name?

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